Real Estate Attorney in Fort Myers​

Hiring a residential real estate lawyer from Patrick McLain Law is the best way to protect your interests when it comes to the sale or purchase of real estate. It will also help in streamlining the entire contract negotiation and expedite the closing process. Your residential real estate lawyer will also secure title insurance and, whenever necessary, communicate with your lender.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, your real estate attorney in Fort Myers will resolve whatever complicated matter that might develop while also:

  • Ensuring that all contracts are drafted to suit your personal objectives
  • Making sure you only sign the documents you are legally obligated to sign
  • Verifying that the property is not affected by any liens
  • Conducting a thorough title search 
  • Guaranteeing that your rights are being protected

Having a real estate attorney in Fort Myers working for you means much more than simply having someone prepare a document. At Patrick McLain Law, your residential real estate lawyer has handled a wide variety of real estate transactions and other real estate matters, including but not limited to:

  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Purchase and Sales of Real Estate
  • Complete Title Insurance Service via our own title company
  • Full-Service Closings
  • Litigation for breach of contract  
  • Landlord representation in evictions, foreclosures, or fraudulent misrepresentations

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Real Estate Contracts

Real Estate

Buying or selling a residential property is an exciting but daunting task. Having a solid real estate contract means that the expectations of both buyer and seller have clearly been identified. The contract includes a clear description of the property of both parties, the agreed-upon purchase price, any earnest money deposit amount, the closing costs that must be covered, and the proposed closing date.

Once both parties have reviewed the terms spelled out in the contract and signed it, it becomes legally binding. Your Patrick McLain Law real estate attorney in Fort Myers will review the contract with you to make sure you understand exactly what you are committing to when you sign.

Purchase and Sales of Real Estate

When buying or selling real estate, a real estate attorney by your side can mean that you always have someone with whom you can discuss important issues that might crop up, such as contract contingencies. They will help you discuss and resolve them to avoid any misunderstandings.

While the seller’s attorney is in charge of drafting the contract that will lay out the terms of the deal, the buyer’s attorney will work with the lender to get whatever information and documents are needed to finalize the loan that will serve to purchase the property.

Complete Title Insurance Service

At Patrick McLain Law, you can enjoy the benefits of working with a residential real estate lawyer within a firm that has its own title company. The main role of a title insurance company is to verify that the title of the real estate in question is legitimately given to the new home buyer. This means that the seller does have the right to sell the property to the interested buyer. After we conduct the verification process, the title insurance will protect both the lender and the new owner should someone make a claim on the property in the future.

Full-Service Closings

You want to make sure the closing process is completed seamlessly. That is why at Patrick McLain Law our focus is on delivering an enhanced closing experience through our highly trained closing agents. They are certified to ensure all necessary documents are signed and verified and the funds from the sale or from the refinance of the property if that is the case, are properly disbursed.

Litigation for Breach of Contract

The law considers every piece of property to be unique and that’s why contract law indicates has its own special remedy. When a breach in a real estate contract occurs, the injured party can request the court to force the transaction to proceed due to the uniqueness of the property in question. If you are facing this situation, a residential real estate lawyer in Fort Myers from Patrick McLain Law can give you the legal help you need to resolve the issue.


If you are facing foreclosure, hiring a lawyer from Patrick McLain Law is essential. If there is a valid defense and you hope to be able to keep your home, you need an attorney. You may have to file a lawsuit or respond to a foreclosure lawsuit, and your lawyer can guide you through the process of filing the documents with the court. Don’t try to do this alone. A Patrick McLain Law attorney could help you mount a successful defense.

Landlord Representation in Evictions

Whether you are the property owner, manager, investor, financial institution, or tenant, a real estate lawyer from Patrick McLain Law has you covered. Our attorneys have experience dealing with landlord evictions, unlawful detainers, ejectment, or fraudulent misrepresentations in real estate transactions.

Our knowledgeable real estate lawyers in Fort Myers have the necessary skills in handling all aspects of real estate matters. We are prepared to serve all of your real estate needs. Give us a call today to set up an appointment and get your real estate issues resolved.