Fort Myers Construction & Development Lawyer

Patrick McLain Law construction and development lawyers provide all legal services related to construction projects, from planning to completion. Whether you are the owner, subcontractor, designer, architect, or materials supplier, we have the tools you need to do your budgeting, contracting, and scheduling, all while fulfilling regulatory guidelines. We can also take care of terminations and submitting any claims.

We have experience working preventively in order to avoid litigation or any legal conflict. Our expertise, both in construction matters and in construction law, allows us to understand all of its stages, the equipment and tasks that go into it, and every detail involved in a construction site.

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Any redevelopment in a city or town through new construction or neighborhood gentrification has legal requirements. And if there is substantial renovation of existing buildings and structures, or if it will now be turned into a mixed-use project, it is imperative to have the guidance and advice of an experienced construction law attorney from Patrick McLain Law to ensure your project reaches a successful end.

Transit-Oriented Development

With more people wanting to live in places where they can either walk to shops and restaurants or where there is easy and convenient access to public transportation alternatives, transit-oriented development is quickly becoming a national trend. It seems as though people are hungry for pedestrian-oriented and mixed-use developments that surround quality transit possibilities. And we are prepared to help you meet all your legal needs in this instance as well. Call our construction attorney in Fort Myers to get your project started in the right direction.

Historic Rehabilitation/Preservation

When it comes to historic rehabilitation or preservation of buildings and other structures, the National Park Service of the U. S. Department of the Interior has established strict standards to determine if a project is suitable to qualify as a certified rehabilitation. Our construction law attorneys will help you with all the legal requirements in order to meet the guidelines for rehabilitation and treatment of historic buildings, sustainability, and flood adaptation, should the need arise. Don’t start your landmark rehabilitation and preservation project without making an appointment with a Patrick McLain construction lawyer first.

Federal Leasing

When your project calls for the negotiation on federal lease opportunities, and when you want to find optimal leasing opportunities, our construction and development lawyers will work with you to find the best solutions for meeting federal space requirements. With our legal team by your side, you will be ready to present your bid to receive a lease contract. Our construction lawyers have the knowledge and expertise you need to ensure you get the federal land lease to make your construction project a reality.

Long-Term Ground Leases with Public Entities

If your construction project calls for a long-term ground lease from either a private party or a government entity, we will draft the contracts you need and help you achieve the best financing deals and harness the power of a long-term ground lease.

At Patrick McLain Law, we have the construction law expertise needed to deal with state or city government entities and knowhow to benefit every area of the deal, whether it is real estate, zoning, land use, environmental law, tax, or government relations.

We can also advise your business on the structuring, negotiation, construction, and leasing options for your project, as well as provide you with invaluable political and regulatory insights.

Disposition and Development Agreements

When your business needs us to review a contract that involves the lease of city-owned land or when there is city-owned land acquisition involved, Patrick McLain Law has the legal team to look out for your interests. We are also prepared to draft or review development agreements, disposition of development agreements, lease disposition and development agreements, and owner participation agreements. 

We will help you reach an agreement that will benefit both parties, making sure that the development agreement between builder and landowner is registered to provide authenticity to it. Your construction attorney in Fort Myers will guide you through any disposition and development agreement. Give us a call today.

Reciprocal Easement Agreements

When you are dealing with shared areas between two or more property owners and need to establish legal rights, our construction attorneys will help draft an agreement between the businesses that share the land. In cases where more than one party is interested in developing the area, and different leasing interests must be satisfied, the parties must enter into an REA that would define the architectural compatibility of the structures that the parties wish to erect or those they wish to have access to. The REA will be properly recorded in the county where the property is located and will create contractual obligations between the parties involved. Our construction law attorneys will take care of all of these legal documents, always keeping your best interests in mind.