Is DUI a Felony in Florida?

On behalf of Patrick McLain Law | April 25, 2024
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Get Legal Support When Asking “Is DUI a Felony in Florida?”

When you have been accused of a DUI, whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, you need help from attorneys like those at Patrick McLain Law to overcome these charges. Our team offers reputable service for criminal defense cases like DUIs. If you are accused of committing a DUI and are worried about a felony on your record, reach out for help.

What You Can Expect from the Legal Implications of DUI Felony Charges in Florida

Getting a DUI in Florida comes with specific legal penalties and statute violations. Understanding these issues is vital to avoiding jail time or other serious penalties. We may be able to provide the information you need to navigate these cases, but do not hesitate to get personalized guidance from an attorney. Your DUI attorney can provide case-specific legal guidance that can help you navigate your case. 

Do I Need an Attorney for Felony DUI Charges? 

A DUI can be a misdemeanor or felony, and each of these comes with its own penalties and specifics. To navigate these issues, one typically needs a DUI attorney to identify the severity of their case and seek a strong defense. With an attorney on your side, you have a better chance of getting your charges reduced or dismissed.

Understanding DUI Laws in Florida

DUI laws in Florida classify violations as misdemeanors or felonies depending on multiple factors. These include the number of previous charges and any aggravating factors, such as a minor being in the car. The amount of alcohol consumed and the particular status of the driver can also impact whether your case is a felony or misdemeanor.

Your BAC Level and How It Affects Your Case 

While most drivers must maintain a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of less than 0.08 percent, drivers under 21 and truck drivers may have lower BAC thresholds of 0.00 and 0.04 respectively. Likewise, charges may be more severe if your BAC was allegedly over 0.15 percent. Any of these thresholds can lead to more severe charges and penalties for the driver, which can impact the specifics of your case and your defense options.

Penalties Can Be Harsh for Misdemeanor or Felony DUI Convictions 

In both cases, whether you face a misdemeanor or felony, you may face imprisonment, whether in jail or in prison. You may also face significant fines, driving school, and alcohol rehabilitation requirements. Some cases even require an ignition interlock device, which requires drivers to pass a breath alcohol test before the engine of their car will start.

Your Attorney Can Help You Build a Strong Defense 

The specifics of your DUI case and your defense will depend on the specifics of your case, but common defenses include mistakes of fact, false readings, and more. For those who are facing a first-time DUI, you may be able to pursue getting your charges reduced on these grounds. Likewise, those facing felony charges may be able to pursue a reduction in severity of the charges depending on the specifics of their legal defense.

When Accused of a Crime, Reach Out to a Defense Attorney for Aid 

When you are accused of committing a DUI, no matter how severe the charges, defending your case can help your future. Our team At Patrick McLain Law understands how difficult it can be to defend a DUI case, especially if yours is considered a felony. Our team is here to help you overcome your case when you call or fill out our online contact form.

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