How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record?

On behalf of Patrick McLain Law | January 8, 2024
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In Florida, being convicted of a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) can result in various legal, financial, and personal consequences. The severity of these consequences often depends on several factors, including whether it’s a first-time or repeated offense and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The Consequences of DUI Charges

For a first-time DUI conviction in Florida, penalties typically include fines ranging from $500 to $1,000. If it’s a second offense within five years, the penalties are significantly harsher. Fines could range from $1,000 to $2,000, and the offender may face a mandatory jail sentence of 10 days to 9 months. Third and subsequent DUI offenses within 10 years of the second conviction are felonies in Florida. A third conviction can lead to fines from $2,000 to $5,000, with a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 30 days, potentially up to 5 years. If the DUI resulted in an accident causing injury or death, the legal ramifications and associated penalties will be considerably more severe.

A DUI conviction can also have far-reaching personal and professional consequences. It might impact job opportunities, especially those requiring a clean driving record, and could lead to increased insurance rates or difficulty obtaining insurance coverage. This is why many people facing or are found guilty of DUI charges ask us how long a DUI stays on their record.

How Long Will a DUI Stay on Your Record?

In Florida, a DUI conviction typically stays on your driving record for 75 years. This extended duration means that it has a long-term impact on your driving history and can affect various aspects of your life, including insurance rates, employment opportunities, and future legal matters.

It’s important to note that this duration applies to the driving record, distinct from other records, such as criminal records. A DUI conviction can also appear on your criminal record, which remains a permanent part of your history unless it is expunged or sealed, provided you meet specific eligibility criteria. A DUI lawyer can help you know if you meet this criteria.

Florida has stringent laws regarding the retention of DUI convictions on driving records to emphasize the seriousness of the offense and potentially discourage repeat offenses. This extended duration serves as a reminder of the need for responsible and safe driving practices.

Given the long-lasting impact of a DUI on their record, individuals often try to minimize the repercussions by attending rehabilitation programs, complying with court-ordered requirements, and exploring options for record expungement or sealing where applicable and eligible. A lawyer can help them do so.

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