Florida 3 Strikes Law

On behalf of Patrick McLain Law | April 4, 2024
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If your claim may be affected by the Florida three strikes law, you may need a criminal defense attorney on your side who can help protect your future. The lawyers at Patrick McLain Law offer reputable service and a track record of success to help your case succeed. When your life’s on the line, do not settle for less.

Know the Law and Its Implications 

As you pursue a strong criminal defense case, check out our insights below to learn more about this law. If you are unprepared, it can impact your future, leaving you with difficulty recovering, if you are able to recover at all. Reach out to learn more about Florida’s three strikes law.

What Is Florida’s 3 Strikes Law?

Florida’s 3 strikes legislation creates harsher penalties for habitual offenders of violent crimes. These crimes include robbery, assault, child abuse, and more. This law creates harsher minimum sentences for habitual felony confections.

Why Is the 3 Strike Rule So Significant in Florida? 

If your case falls under the three strike rule, you may face minimum sentences of 10, 20, or 25 to life in prison. These harsher restrictions are meant to punish repeat offenders and to remove them from the streets. Because of this, being accused of any of these charges comes with the further risk of more serious penalties.

Types of Crimes Impacted by the 3 Strike Law 

Florida’s three strikes rule generally refers to violent felony crimes. These may include rape, battery, murder, and more. The specific types of crimes included under these laws must also have been committed previously and you have been convicted of them within a few years of the previous felony conviction.

You May Face a Lengthy Sentence for These Charges 

The three strikes rule is named that because, if you are convicted three times, you may face life in prison. That is a harsh potential sentence with long-term conditions, including simply spending the rest of your life in prison. However, even before you get to that point, these penalties can have much harder effects for habitual offenders than others committing these crimes.

Legal Representation Can Be Vital to Your Case 

When you are potentially facing life in prison, your life is literally on the line. Because of this, finding aggressive defenses and appropriate legal representation is vital. When you could lose everything because of a conviction, do not hesitate to reach out.

Seek Out Extensive Experience When Facing the 3 Strikes Law 

When you are facing the three strikes law in Florida for serious crimes, you need a defense attorney with the tools to fight back. Our team of the attorneys has in-depth experience with DUI cases, felony charges, and more. If you are struggling to protect your case and defend against these accusations, our team can help.

We Are Prepared to Defend Cases Like Yours 

Our team of criminal defense lawyers has experience helping clients with past convictions who need help overcoming the three strikes law. If you are facing violent felony criminal charges, you need a strong defense, and our team has experience providing that. Let our tools, resources, and knowledge of the system work for you.

Get the Right Strategies to Navigate Florida’s 3 Strikes Law 

Our firm understands how harshly the three strikes rule can impact your case. That is why our team’s strategizes before your court date to take the best possible approach to your case. These laws are complex, and they are not in your favor, so seeking out help from our team can help, starting with a consultation by calling or completing our online contact form.

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